crap talk

attention : There maybe containing some improper words

Okey now im so addicted of these new songs,beast is the best shinee ring ding dong mblaq oh yeah beast bad girl .man,they are just like a drug that addict me so much.i kept listening to them until my ears gonna burst out , duh.

but , whats wrong with the antis of shinee.The ring ding dong song is hella cool . it really make me go crazy and dancing.and and they didnt sang it as locka,locka,locka, U BLOODYFULL IDIOT.
try hear to hear them without the music.its ROCKA ROCKA ROCKA,!i bet ya!

as for the beast i meant,they just a starter,so,normallah kot kalau tak win for the fist time.
man,i mean they just debut a few weeks ago.?kan?
haha,AND MBLAQ i relly nak tengok korang performed.
mayne belum lagi?haha
shinee new album is the best

oh yeah,talking bout my fav,im so attracted to this new k drama staring my pretty scandal,LEE HONG ki.adorable giler dia dalam drama tu.JEREMY FOREVER.haha.i like watching about 7th episode already?addiction giler.

oh yeah,i lupa nak postkan this hot news,
the leader of 2pm,what his name such a Sucker.How could he leave his group.well, i hate him the mostt


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