bless to god,exam was over.and i tried my best for it.chaiyok enough kot! beside,i think it was pretty easy.i dont mean to be arrogant,but if u in my shoes,korang akan kata benda yang sama.except err untuk paper brain not for meant number,additional substraction and etc, i guess.i wonder if HUAN LIANG can help me lol?haha.and and my school dont get the chance to celebrating our INDEPENDENCE day.perghh,ni semua sebab pengetua boyot yang pemalas nak mati tu lah!grrr.tau buat taik mata jer [ oppsyyy,,]

haha,errr for my trial i hope i can score more than 5 A.for starter,i think i did well enough.haaa,if i can score more than 5 A for trial,my mom gonna give me a new handphone:)weee.
its only trial,and i can get a handphone.what if it is the real exam,mybe,dapat laptop kott?perghhh, [drooling] hahah.

anyway ,ama , gambate kudasaiii! yahoo:D

babbling enough,AMALHAHA

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